Maurizio Longo, Mietta Timi (Rome, Italy)

We had decided to find a house in Crete – we wanted a cosy, enjoyable place, easy to live in: but we wanted it ready, to be renovated or modified. We did not want to build a new house, because we were frightened of the problems we would have to face.

However our extensive search yielded nothing we really liked. So, reluctantly, we decided to look at a few land plots and started visiting a few real estate agencies. When we stepped into Critiland, we immediately got the impression they were competent and trustworthy. They showed us a plot with a breathtaking view on the Souda Bay and the White Mountains, and we decided to buy it on the spot. We charged Stelios Badogiannis with building the house and dealing with all the inherent bureaucracy and legal procedures, and went back to Italy in September.

The building works began, and in December we received the photos of the shell, in January we went back to Crete for a few days to choose tiles, bathroom- and kitchen fittings and household appliances. No problems, no nuisances, things were done with courtesy and competence, our needs were met promptly and the few changes we requested were readily implemented.

When we came back for our holidays in July, our house was ready: we were thrilled, it was like magic, everything worked and was exactly as planned: it was our dream house… and it came with no worries, no stress and no nasty surprises of extra costs!